Huffington Post: Journey To You – An Entrepreneurial Approach to Travel

Article Highlights:

Travel With Purpose

We are the millennial generation. We seek purpose in everything that we do. We form our identity based on our words and actions both offline and online. Even when we share a post on social media, it often means taking a stand for something we believe in.

When traversing the globe, we desire to be a contributor, not an onlooker. We don’t want to read travel stories: we want to be a part of them.

This applies to social impact too. We don’t just want to raise money; we want to see the project in person, help shape it and bring it to life, take our own pictures and video, and tell our friends and families all about it when we get home.

And the technological landscape has never been more primed for this kind of action: we live in a time when an individual can immediately act on their impulse to create an online campaign, raise funds or send a donation, or sign up for an impact trip to the other side of the world, all in a matter of moments.

Along with technology, values have evolved. This versatile, impassioned and diverse generation values both time and money. They would choose control over their time, and a lower income over the long days in a cubical for higher pay. They are intelligent and sharp. They know how to find information online, quickly take decisions that can help be very successful in their daily life. They use social media frequently to interconnect with each other, share knowledge, and make action plans.